Negotiation FAQs

Is there a secret to successful negotiation?

If you approach negotiations as an interactive, iterative process of discovery and learning, you are far more likely to get what you seek. Approaching your negotiations with an open mind, abandoning your ego, increasing your awareness, being receptive to change, and staying persistently fully engaged will lead you to success.


What’s the connection between negotiation and martial arts?

As in martial arts, the focus is on the people and the opportunities that tactics and strategy have to improve your position.


How can I understand the other party in a negotiation?

People tell you loudly who they are and what they care about by how they act and how they appear. Are they more external or internal? Are they dressed meticulously or casually? Are they heavily accessorized or pared down? What is their purse or wallet like? How about their shoes? Are they careful in their speech? Where are they from? There is so much you can see and hear that reveals a person – including their perspective. Through careful observation and preparation, you will be able to answer these questions, be able to “walk in their shoes” and understand them much better.


What is “mind drift?”

Mind drift is a real detriment to listening, focus, and successful negotiations.


What is the “Silence Strategy?”

The main principle in the “silence strategy” is to say less and listen more. It is that simple.


Why is it important to sometimes be unreasonable and stand firm?

Standing firm with unreasonable positions can lead to better results.