The 7 Tensions of Negotiation


Title: The 7 Tensions of Negotiation
Published by: Blackstone Publishing Inc
Release Date: August 27, 2024
Pages: 350

Have you always considered negotiation merely as a means to secure a "yes"? If so, buckle up--Cash Nickerson's insightful book The 7 Tensions of Negotiation is set to robustly challenge that comforting yet fundamentally flawed belief.

Blending elements of law, psychology, and enriched by over four decades of real-life negotiation experience, Nickerson masterfully immerses you in the nuanced, intricate, and mind-bending world of negotiation tensions. He thoughtfully introduces the idea of positive tension-based elements that are absolutely crucial for achieving successful negotiations: Relationship Tension, where trust takes the center stage; Power & Leverage Tension, which challenges all parties' perceptions of who truly holds the cards; and Timing Tension, a subtle yet continuously pivotal factor that underpins the entire negotiation process.

Nickerson skillfully shatters the prevailing myth that merely "getting along" is the most effective pathway through negotiations. He boldly calls for a critical paradigm shift in our collective mindset, vehemently challenging the widespread culture of "tension avoidance" and advocating the skilled mastery of these tensions as a game-changing strategy for achieving superior negotiation outcomes. By learning to adeptly manage these often uncomfortable yet powerful forces, you'll significantly improve not only your deal-making abilities but also the broader landscape of human interaction.

Readers can expect to deeply:

Gain a fresh, eye-opening perspective on the undervalued role of tension in negotiations.

Discover insightful negotiation strategies that are firmly rooted in real-world scenarios and groundbreaking research.

Bolster their capacity for resilience and adaptability during stressful, high-stakes interactions.

Embrace tension as a transformative tool, rather than an inconvenient roadblock, and witness how your negotiation outcomes can dramatically and positively improve. It's time to fully dispense with your preconceived notions of negotiation as merely a realm of compromise and comfort, and instead, open your eyes and mindset to the thrilling dynamic possibilities that constructive tension offers.

Don't just settle for subpar negotiation results dictated by well-intentioned yet naive principles. Seize the opportunity--grab a copy of The 7 Tensions of Negotiation and decisively level up your negotiation game today. It's the perfect moment to harness the immense power of tension to negotiate with unparalleled strength, precise focus, and absolutely zero regrets.

"Negotiation is ultimately a human enterprise and this book has keen insights into how to use the seven tensions to achieve better outcomes."
Andrew D. Martin, Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis