I am humbly engaged in the effort to help dramatically improve how we work with one another on a day-to-day basis with a view towards making work more fun, productive, and successful.

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About Cash Nickerson

Steven “Cash” Nickerson is Chairman of AKKA North America's Business Unit. He was President, CFO, General Counsel, and the second largest shareholder of PDS Tech prior to its purchase by AKKA Technologies in 2018. Nickerson has held a variety of legal and executive positions in his 30-year career, including serving as an attorney and marketing executive for Union Pacific Railroad, an associate and then partner at Jenner & Block (one of Chicago’s five largest law firms), and chairman and CEO of an internet company he took public through a reverse merger. He brings his extensive knowledge of the North American aerospace market and his network of top tier clients to the AKKA Group.


From white belt to black belt—how to become a more confident and effective negotiator, listener, speaker, and leader using the way of the Samurai.

Justice, courage, loyalty, self-control: these are more than words limited to the study of ancient wars and the martial arts. They are essential to the workplace wars we face daily. So, what if you could use the way of the Samurai in your daily life—especially at work?

Honors and Awards

• Distinguished Alumni Award, Washington University School of Law

• Founders Day Award, Washington University in St. Louis

• Global Philanthropy Award for support of Crimes Against Humanity Initiative

• Humanitarian Award, California Autism Foundation