It's time to fully dispense with your preconceived notions of negotiation...

Open your eyes and mindset to the thrilling dynamic possibilities that constructive tension offers.

Negotiation is a dialectic with a swinging pendulum moving from tension to collaboration and collaboration back to tension. Teach your team how to use tension and stop just telling them to collaborate but instead teach them the ingredients and components of collaboration.

About Cash

Cash Nickerson, JD, MBA is an innovative and transformative leader. He combines business skills and acumen with martial arts wisdom. The result is a powerful high-performance formula for success in an ever-changing enterprise landscape.

About The Seven Tensions of Negotiation

Have you always considered negotiation merely as a means to secure a "yes"? If so, buckle up--Cash Nickerson's insightful book The 7 Tensions of Negotiation is set to robustly challenge that comforting yet fundamentally flawed belief.

“Negotiation is ultimately a human enterprise and this book has keen insights into how to use the seven tensions to achieve better outcomes.”

—Andrew D. Martin, Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis

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When you learn to identify, analyze and use the seven tensions, you will master every negotiation you enter.
The Seven Tensions
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Praise for Cash's Work

“After 40 years of lawyering and teaching, and almost 1000 mediations, I thought I had read it all, heard it all, seen it all. I couldn’t believe how much I learned from this book.”

—KAREN TOKARZ, Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law & Policy, Washington University School of Law

“Read and reread this book! Cash is a master of the game. The insights and distinctions are priceless!”
—KEITH J CUNNINGHAM, bestselling author of The Road Less Stupid
“This book is a must-read for business leaders, lawyers, and policymakers who hope to be skilled in creative negotiation and dispute resolution to accomplish their and their clients' needs.”
—President, St. Louis Mediation Project, Distinguished Fellow, International Academy of Mediators, Best Lawyers in America in Mediation, 2010-present

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