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How to Screw Up Anything New, a Tip from a Neanderthal

We celebrate New and rightfully so. It is a chance to mark progress. It is a chance to make a mark. It is a chance to leave old habits behind. It is a chance to wipe the slate clean. It is a new chance. So how can we screw up anything new? While there may be lots of answers, there is one sure way to screw up the New: Trash the Old. “Out with the Old in with the New?”

Work and Think Like a White Belt

Everybody wants to know how long it takes to get a black belt. As my main hobby, I own a martial arts dojo and that is the most common question we get. “How long does it take to get a black belt?” In the workplace as well as in our personal lives, we are conditioned to “get ahead,” to “get to the top” and to otherwise “advance beyond others.” Consistent with those objectives, we often seek external symbols of the advancement and we display them. Our attitudes and behaviors change with our advancement.

Be a Concierge Leader!

We think of leaders as people who talk, bark out orders and direct others because they are portrayed that way in movies and TV, and some are that way. But in my experience, great leaders don’t act like the stereotypes we see in movies and on TV. Leaders don’t bark out orders, in fact, great leaders serve. Great leaders act more like concierges at great hotels constantly solving problems, proactively making customers feel good, ensuring their employees have the resources they need and breaking through organizational obstacles. Great leaders even answer their phone and emails!

Getting Ahead, Due Dates v. “Best by” Dates

The most common thing we all share in the workplace is deadlines. Deadlines don’t know care what your industry is, what your business is or even what your assignment is. Deadlines don’t really care who you are. Sometimes we act like deadlines care about us. “Don’t they know who we are?” Business is very much focused on getting things done. You are given things to do. When you are given something to do, what is your first question? I would bet you it is, “When is it due?” Or it could be, “When do you need it?” What do successful folks do? What do those folks do who “get ahead” of others?

Lean on Me, Lucia, the buildings of Venice and Cooperative Engagement

It is the summer season and I hope you all are taking advantage of the physical and mental recharge that comes with vacation. Lessons come from so many different directions if we are in a state of receptivity and new environments and surroundings at least for me tend to put me in a learning state.


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