Title: StagNation
Published by: Charles Pinot
Release Date: (February 1, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1625359919
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Revolutionary thinking designed to inspire dialogue that leads to change is the raison détre for the debut book from Steven Cash Nickerson. Nickerson’s aptly titled StagNation chronicles our country’s cascade of troubles, starting with the burst of the real estate bubble and subsequently delving deeply into the current unemployment and economic crises.

Timed perfectly to coincide with the after effects of the 2012 Presidential election, StagNation will literally set readers minds ablaze with hardcore truths followed by a wealth of ideas and next steps to transfiguring our country back into the once-great nation it was.

As President and CFO of PDS Tech, Inc., the fourth largest engineering and IT staffing firm in the U.S., Nickerson’s expertise on his subject matter stems from his 25-plus year career as an attorney, associate and partner, as a marketing executive, as well as the CEO of an Internet company he took public through a reverse merger.

As an author, Nickerson is undeniably thoughtful and incredibly well versed as he puts forth topics that are sure to generate discourse at all levels from corporate America all the way into the far reaches of our government.

StagNation is a must read for anyone looking to learn more about our country’s current economic woes and the hairpin turns we need to take on the road to recovery.

Praise and Reviews

“Cash provides a timely and unique perspective for job seekers, employers and employees as they struggle to navigate the new employment environment.”
—David W. Pruitt, Retired Chairman and CEO, Cap Rock Energy

“Astute and compelling with prudent solutions for government, non-profits, job seekers and employers coping with the new normal.”
—John Visbal, President, East Bay Logistics

“Cash knows this subject and is a great communicator of insights for all participants in the job market.”
—Joe Mancuso, Founder and President,, and author of 26 best selling business books

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