This is The #1 Reason To Listen for the Rhythm of Sales Conversations

This is The #1 Reason To Listen for the Rhythm of Sales Conversations, Cash Nickerson, Listening as a Martial Art, Listen

Listen for the rhythm of the conversation.

Sync with it.

Gain an advantage.

What differentiates the closers and the folks who get deals done on their own terms from those who don’t make the sale?


Is Getting in Touch With the Rhythm of the Conversation Teachable?

This is the part of sales and negotiation that some people have a hard time understanding, and some people think it’s un-teachable. It involves listening carefully and getting in touch with the rhythm of the person or people on the other side of the negotiation.

There is a rhythm to human exchanges. You can change the tempo of a face-to-face exchange simply by deciding whether to say something controversial or something obvious.

Listen Well

To listen well in a sales or negotiating conversation, you can’t just hear the words and watch the body language and intonation. You need to listen for, feel, and get in sync with the rhythm. Everyone you sit across from has a natural rhythm.

Once you understand the rhythm, you gain a tremendous advantage. Use it wisely!


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