Why Silence is the Ultimate Buying Signal via @CashNickerson

 Watch for the Ultimate Buying Signal:

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During sales meetings, prospects need time to think and process what you’ve said. Silence is that opportunity. Allow them to have all the quiet time they need to make up their mind.

If you see silence as a vacuum and you rush to fill it, you’ll forfeit the opportunity to watch your prospects and listen to their message. You’ll risk missing the buying signal when a prospect is ready to be persuaded. In fact, you can talk yourself right out of the sale in your effort to fill the gap that silence leaves in a conversation.

Don’t do that! Instead, always respect the value and the power of silence in all communication.

Silence means that the sale is yours to gain or lose. Watch and listen, and let your prospect come to the conclusion that you have something of value. When that happens, the sale is yours.


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